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5 Tips on Finding your Perfect Floor Plan

October 2020

Other than finding the right place to call home, your floor plan is probably the biggest factor in creating a happy family home. Here are five strategic ways to start working towards that perfect floor plan.

1. Step one is to find out how much space you have to work with. If you already have a block of vacant land to build on, don’t forget to take into account setbacks, easements and other boundaries and restrictions like storey/height limits. This will give you the maximum dimensions of which you can take advantage. Alternatively, if you’ll be looking for a block of land to fit your dream house, you could visit some different open houses, even online, to get an idea of how big certain sized residences actually are in real life and how much room – and therefore land – you might want or need to feel right at home.

2. Take your time and look at lots of floor plans. A great place to start is taking a look at the available house and land packages at Exford Waters, and if you find one you like you can contact our sales team or contact the builder to discuss all your options, as well as goals you want to achieve in your new home. All of the available house and land packages will help you gather floor plan inspiration and give you a ballpark idea of what to expect in terms of budget, size and room configurations. Remember, packages are often more affordable than fully custom builds; don’t rule out a package that might only need a few tweaks to suit. Ask your shortlisted builders to send you some layout examples if they don’t already provide them on their websites. Then, close your eyes and envision how your family will fit in and flow through the space during different times of the day.

3. Consult a professional. Your builder should be able to provide plenty of expert tips on how to best utilise your block’s orientation, how to make it functional, economical and efficient, as well as what type of home fits into your budget before you get too set on a particular floor plan. Make sure to note that each builder may have different inclusions and some extras may be just outside your budget – but at Exford Waters, you can save up to $45K on your house and land package!* All those savings can help you choose those extras you may have never considered.

4. Think about the future. Make a note of all the rooms you really need right now. Then consider how your family dynamic and lifestyle is expected to change in five, ten or even twenty years from now if you are planning to stay for the long term. Can any rooms be adapted or easily renovated or extended later down the track to suit other purposes? A closed plan design or only a single level might actually work better for your needs as you grow.

5. Ask your friends and family what they like and don’t like about their current homes and any places they’ve lived previously. What works for most of them will likely work for you, especially if you are in similar stages of life. Make a list of the things you love about the place you currently live and what big or little annoyances you’d like to change. Pro tip: once you’re happy with your floor plan layout – don’t ask for any more opinions!

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