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5 Ways to Make Your Garden Stress-Free

December 2020

If your home is your haven, the outdoor areas should be an extension of that concept; rather than a never-ending source of weekend chores! Here’s how to make your home garden a stress-free, low-maintenance sanctuary.

1/ Goodbye grass 

Never mow the lawn again by simply not having one. Instead, think about beautiful and textural rocks, stones, gravel and pavers. Re-staining a timber deck might only happen once a year as opposed to mowing and weeding every few weeks. Plus it’s much quicker to clear leaves and twigs from a smooth surface than from grass.

2/ Ditch deciduous plants

Speaking of leaves, that Japanese Maple you’ve got your heart set on is only going to drop its foliage everywhere. And it will look bland and bare for a good part of the year. Best to make a commitment to stick to evergreens, lest you want to spend Autumn with a rake in hand.

3/ Easy living

Whatever plants you pick up on sale at Bunnings may not be the best for your garden or your stress levels. Do your research on what suits your yard’s conditions and start out with hardy, happy plants that are hard to kill like sunflowers, zinnias, marigolds, dwarf gums and magnolias.

4/ Bed time

Planting a backyard garden bed for fruit and veggies is always going to take a bit of extra effort. But if you’re sure, skip delicate basil, greedy artichokes and hothouse herbs that will likely fail to thrive.  Look up easy-to-grow edible plants to make your life easier while they also make life healthier. We like mint, rocket, parsley – anything that grows like a weed but looks, and tastes, much better.

5/ Everything in its place

There’s a saying that “good fences make good neighbours”. This is true for the plants in your garden too.  Save yourself the battle on trimming, edging and tidying up by creating definite borders for your garden beds and different sections of your garden. Tip: always take the time to dig your borders, retaining walls and containers a little deeper and build ‘em a little higher than you think you’ll need to keep everything where it should be. Future you will thank you.