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Building your home on the right block

December 2017

Before you pour your first foundation, you need to make sure you select the perfect block of land for your new home.

Here are some important things to think about:

Dreams home build – It is important to have your house design and dimensions in mind when deciding on your block purchase, as this will ensure your finished home will fit perfectly on the block of land you buy. Next, write down your “must haves” vs your “wish list” for your house design, then work from these lists to ensure the block will accommodate your dream build, and maybe some wiggle room for your wish list extras.

Sunrise/sunset – Whether you are a morning person or relish the afternoon sunlight, your block’s NE/SW aspect is important. Imagine your home and consider where you want the light shining – is it important to you to enjoy your first cup of coffee in the morning’s first rays of sunshine?

Side Access – If you like the option of duel/side access to your property, then consider a corner block. Whilst your home will have two sides along the streets, you could also have the option of two entry points to your property for your trailer, boat, extra car or a late addition of a backyard pool (see above “wish list”). *subject to council approval and design guidelines.

Turf vs garden – Once your home design is drawn out, check to see how much area remains for a lawn area or simple garden. If a lawn and garden are important to you, then make sure your block is large enough after your home build to allow for green grass to grow.

We are here to help – Everyone at the Exford Waters sales team wants to help you in every way possible, because your home is our home, too! Please ask our friendly onsite team for their recommendations based on years of experience, and then let your dreams become a reality.