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Titles Updates
With work continuing onsite at a blistering pace, the titles at Exford Waters remain on track to title towards the end of this year. Click here to view our Title and Construction update page to see which phase your stage is up to.
First Home Buyer Grant Information
Move into your home at Exford Waters sooner with access to Government grants and concessions for eligible first home buyers.
What to Consider When Choosing a Builder
So you’ve secured your land and now you need to find a builder to help bring your dream home to life. Choosing a builder can be one of the biggest decisions made during the new home build process - they are responsible for creating the home that your family will live in for years to come!
Stage 6 has now Titled!
It's all smiles at Exford Waters as Stage 6 has now Titled! We are looking forward to seeing many more residents start their life on the riverbank.
Stage 5 now titled!
We are excited to announce that Stage 5 has now titled! We look forward to welcoming more of our residents to Exford Waters very soon.
Stage 4 has Titled!
The wait is over for our Stage 4 purchasers at Exford Waters. We are excited to see many more residents begin their life on the riverbank.
Stage 3 Has Titled!
The Exford Waters entrance is now open, with Stage 3 having titled. We are excited to see the entrance to our community take shape.
How to Choose the Right Block of Land
Building a new home is one of the most exciting projects you can undertake for your family. Choosing the perfect block might seem pretty easy but without performing the right due diligence, it could mean potential problems in the future.
Stage 2 Has Titled!
We are excited to announce that Stage 2 titles have now been achieved!
First Homes Under Construction
As we welcome Spring, we are thrilled to see the first homes now under construction at Exford Waters. We look forward to seeing more purchasers start building their Life on the Riverbank.
Stage 1 Has Titled!
We are excited to announce that Stage 1 titles have now been achieved! Our very first purchasers will shortly be getting ready to commence construction of their new homes.
Construction has commenced!!
Despite cool and wet conditions throughout the start of winter, construction at Exford Waters has started. We have had the farmland turned over exposing the red earth on Stages 1 & 2, bringing you closer to your Life on the Riverbank.
Exford Waters acquires undeveloped Waterford land
The developer of Exford Waters is pleased to announce that it has acquired the remaining undeveloped Waterford land. This now reunites the original land parcels that were to be Waterford Estate, and will now form part of the recently launched Exford Waters Estate.
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