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How-to Guide: 10 Ways to Maximise Space in Your New Home

November 2020

You’ve paid good money to secure your new home so naturally, you’ll want to make the most of every square inch. Here are 10 of our favourite ways to maximize your home’s potential both indoors and out at Exford Waters:

Maximising space in your yard

1. Goodbye grass. Depending on your family’s needs, it could pay to switch all – or nearly all – of your lawn for entertaining-friendly paving and patios. Plus, less time spent mowing, raking and weeding has to be a bonus.

2. Exterior walls are wasted space. How about installing a vertical garden? These gardens not only look striking but can be low-maintenance with built-in watering and fertilizing systems too.

3. Make your garden work harder. There’s no reason why every plant in your yard can’t be useful. Switch ornamental plants for those that are edible, aromatic or therapeutic. Who says veggies have to stay confined to the veggie patch?   

4. Play with perspective to make your yard look larger. Choose a focal point (perhaps an eye-catching water feature or statement tree) to draw the eye further. Or even design across the diagonal of your yard; this gives the appearance of more outdoor space.

5. Found yourself with a bit of extra space in your backyard? Then add a little extra room…literally. A well-designed shed, studio or bungalow is so handy for extra storage and can be adapted for multiple uses over time. By the way, longer-than-usual blocks of land are still on offer at Exford Waters – just imagine the potential of what you could do with the spare room to move.

Maximising space in your home

1. Don’t want to go full-on double-storey when it comes to your new home design? Consider installing a loft, mezzanine, versatile attic or even a parent’s retreat on its own level. You’ll love having a sense of separation and extra privacy.

2. More storage space is often as necessary as living space. Install floor to ceiling shelving where you can. Rows and rows of bookshelves look impressive while being practical.

3. Mirrors are an old trick but are classic for a reason. Strategically placed mirrors – and other reflective or transparent surfaces create optical illusions which make rooms seem even bigger (plus they can bounce light into dimly lit corners to create yet more usable space).

4. In spaces where you only need a hint of privacy, consider frosted glass or airy, sheer curtains instead of heavy, block-out blinds on windows. Not only do these options take up less physical space than piles of heavy fabric, but they also let light in while drawing the eye beyond the one room to create a sense of openness.

5. Adding outdoor living options increases your space without adding the full expensive of extra square footage to your home. Blur the lines between inside and out by adding a spacious deck or verandah for an instant lifestyle upgrade.

With a variety of House and Land Packages on offer in Melton’s South, find your perfect floorplan at Exford Waters with one of Melbourne’s most trusted Home Builders today.