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How to turn your backyard into a landscaped paradise

December 2019

Situated alongside the beautiful Werribee River, there’s a lot of great soil and greenery around Exford Waters. And adding a bit of that lushness to your own backyard (and front yard) is easier said than done.

So how can you turn your backyard into a landscaped paradise? We have a few tips and tricks to achieve a balanced, eye-catching, and relaxing landscape.

Contrast Green With Colours
The best way to make a backyard pop is to plant flowers and other shrubs that will contrast with your grass. Using local native fauna is a great option that ensures a thriving landscape. One example is the flax lily, flowering blue and sprouting purple berries in summer months, is unique to Melbourne’s Western region. Native grasses such as tussock or kangaroo grass, sedges, and rushes are perfect compliments to any garden in the West.

Edging and Paving
Using edging and paving, especially coloured gravels, are a low-maintenance and high-contrast choice to add interest to your garden. You can use them to fill empty spaces, act as ground cover, or form a border along your landscape. Mix and match samples of gravels and pavers to get a feel for the overall look. Adding crushed stone to flower beds can also make a great feature.

Outdoor Seating and Lighting
Every landscaped garden is there to be enjoyed! Adding outdoor seating for entertaining in the warmer months is a perfect addition to any landscaped garden. Using compact lights that illuminate paved pathways is an elegant (and safe) touch; ‘fairy’ lights hung on trees or across fences can create a whimsical, bohemian look. In the winter months, a portable gas heater can keep you and your family toasty warm.

Water Features and Ponds
There are fewer things more relaxing than hearing a babbling fall of water coming from your own pond or waterfall. Water features can blend seamlessly into your landscape and adds both resale and sentimental value to your home. If you are building from scratch, you can install a waterfall with ease as you can design around the grass and flowers from the beginning.

Low Maintenance Gardens: Artificial Turf
Great landscapes require routine maintenance – mowing, watering, plant repotting. You can cut down on maintenance by installing artificial turf. Constant refinement of artificial turf now means that you can enjoy a durable and life-like grass. Artificial turf is low maintenance, good enough for rough-and-tumble sports, and is an investment that you won’t need to (literally) pour money into to keep looking great.

You can experience the best of the West every day at Exford Waters – the friendly team at Exford Waters are on hand to help you navigate the property process. Speak to our experienced team by calling 1800 777 800 or by visiting our sales office at 255-299 Exford Road, Weir Views.