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Transform Your Backyard into an Outdoor Oasis

September 2020

A big backyard brims with possibility when it comes to creating a spacious safe haven at home. At some point yet more lawn becomes a waste, so let’s think about transforming your yard into an oasis that’s unique to your family. Beyond gorgeous greenery, here are some ideas on how to best use extra backyard space.

Just add water

Did you know that living by the water is proven to be good for your family’s health? You can easily bring extra H20 into your lives when you choose a more spacious backyard. A pool is an obvious option to improve your lifestyle during Melbourne’s hot, dry summers. Skinnier pools and stand-alone spas don’t even take up much space. Or create a meditative mood in your yard with a sculptural water feature that sounds calming while attracting colourful local birds over to your place for a dip. Alternatively, an ornamental pond could become home to the kids’ pet turtle, shimmering koi fish or simply some serene water plants.

Beyond the BBQ

Retro “conversation pits” are making a comeback inside the home. This striking architectural feature sees sunken seating creating a dedicated area for cosy chats. Take this interior idea outdoors with dug-in bench seating around a focal point. Instead of centring this space around a BBQ, you could consider installing a designer fire-pit, a coal spit rotisserie or even a pizza oven. Anything that provides you with a little warmth and a feast for balmy summer nights works well here.

Place Setting

Simply arranging some al fresco furniture isn’t the ultimate in outdoor living anymore. Think about creating an extra room for something specific – sans walls – in your backyard. Depending on whether your daily needs or less-frequent wants win the argument, this could be installing an outdoor tiki bar for drinks with neighbours or a private place to unroll your yoga mat and greet the sun each morning. A shady reading nook that’s partially hidden from the house could also be an option. Start with the question “what luxury would I really love to have if I was stuck at home?” and let your imagination run wild from there.

Go big and go home

Cubby houses have grown beyond a decorated cardboard box or a few timber off-cuts fashioned into a shelter shape one weekend. DIY deluxe cubbies can even be ordered online and delivered to your door. Choose a custom design wisely – or get handy at your local hardware store – and what starts out as a fun playhouse escape for younger kids could eventually transform into a retreat for teenagers, or a creative studio or side-hustle space for you. With a little know-how, electrical wiring and insulation added at later date, a larger cubby house could eventually be converted into a mini-bungalow as a haven for any guests staying over.

Our latest land release, Stage 9 , sees longer-than-average blocks of land up for grabs in Melton South. Make your dreams of a bigger backyard come true at Exford Waters. Take advantage of the $25,000 HomeBuilder Grant, the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant and Exford Waters’ exclusive $10,000 house and land package bonus, and you could have a total of $45,000 to spend on a brilliant backyard that grows with your family.