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What to Consider When Choosing a Builder

July 2019

What to Consider When Choosing Your Home Builder

So you’ve secured your land and now you need to find a builder to help bring your dream home to life. Choosing a builder can be one of the biggest decisions made during the new home build process – they are responsible for creating the home that your family will live in for years to come!

With an abundance of builders in the market, it can be a difficult task knowing which one will be the perfect fit for you. While there are a number of things to consider, the following points will help you on your way.

Research is key.
We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – do your research! Get online and start researching. Look up builders that are specific to your area so that you can experience their previous builds or display homes. Also, don’t forget to read reviews from previous customers on websites such as These reviews can give you a good insight into what the builder was like to work with.

Have you considered your budget?
Your budget can play a significant role in your selection of builder. Not only can your budget dictate the style and size of house you choose, it can also impact which builder you decide to build with. Some build styles may be better suited to a custom builder, and others to a volume builder with both types of builders varying significantly in price point.
What inclusions does the builder offer?
Once you have shortlisted your preferred builders ask for quotes and compare the inclusions that each builder offers. Each builder will generally offer a different set of ‘standard’ inclusions, some of which may be more important to you than others. Determine your priorities for inclusions (extra cabinetry or upgraded flooring for example) and then work from there.

Make sure you are ready to sign the contract.
So you think you’ve found the one! Before you sign anything it is important to seek legal advice from a registered conveyancer. This will ensure that the contract is in your best interest and there are no hidden surprises later.

If you are still feeling overwhelmed when choosing the best builder for you, the friendly team at Exford Waters is on hand to help you navigate the process. Speak to our experienced team by calling 1800 777 800 or by visiting our sales office at 255-299 Exford Road, Weir Views.