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You want to BUILD a new house?

October 2017

Excellent news! A new home and a fresh start is always an exciting and exhilarating endeavour. And whether you are your own owner/builder or looking to build a house and land package, the options are many.

Since you’ve already decided on your block of land, it is time check what packages are available that best suits your block size and family needs.

Remember to consult with the Exford Waters team with regards to the design guidelines, i.e., set-backs, common areas, height restrictions and building materials. It would be heart-breaking to decide on a home build only to find out it either violates these design guidelines or is simply too big or small for your block.

Once you have decided on your house plans, the real fun begins! From the colour of the exterior to the roof tiles, solar panels or gas/electric appliances, each detail is important to consider.

Starting from the exterior, have a look at similar homes with the same colour and finishes. Never rely on a simple swatch of colour as it always looks different on a large house in the sun! Also consider whether you want a rendered finish, wooden facade, or eco-friendly recycled materials as these will all factor into the look, feel and cost.

Unsure about the appliances on offer vs those you’ve dreamed about? Go visit completed display homes and/or appliance stores to see for yourself the difference in look, applications, and price. Don’t forget to include various bathroom and toilet fixtures as part of your interior plans treasure hunt. Yes, even the toilet roll holder can make a difference.

If you are a new couple or growing family, build as big a home as you are comfortable with and can afford. As the building process can take many months, don’t wish you had that extra room once your build has begun!

Remember to budget for your landscape if this isn’t already included in your house build contract. Too often we have seen budgets stretched with the actual structure build to not even allow for even a single tree to be planted!

Lastly, everyone in the Exford Waters family is here to help guide you as you go through the home building process. We still like to think, “Mi casa es su casa” as we are all in this together.