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The Advantages of Smaller Block Living.

Choosing a smaller lot size for your new home has plenty of benefits. Smaller lots are gaining popularity, with many builders designing creative layouts that maximise space and comfort. Discover why a small lots for sale at Exford Waters might be the perfect fit for you and your family. 

Save Money! 

Opting for a smaller lot can make a lot of financial sense. Not only can you save on the purchase cost, compared to a larger block, but you can also save on stamp duty and ongoing council rates. And because building on a small block of land means building a smaller home by design, you are also more likely to save on construction costs and ongoing utilities such as heating and cooling. 

Less Maintenance

With a smaller lot comes less land to maintain. This means less time and effort spent mowing the lawn or weeding leaving you with more time to enjoy your new home. The benefits of having a small house apply to indoors too with less time required to dedicate to keeping your new home clean! 

More Energy Efficient

Smaller lots typically mean a smaller house size, which can lead to increased energy efficiency. With less square footage to heat and cool, your energy bills will likely be lower compared to a larger home. A University of Melbourne study found that every 12sqm of floor area used at least three times the amount of energy to keep the household comfortable.

Community Living

The increase in smaller lots in new estates has also coincided with the rise of masterplanned communities. Parks, playgrounds and open green spaces provide an extension of traditional backyards and create a sense of community coming together. These open spaces allow for easier interactions with neighbours. Exford Waters has three playgrounds, two large open space areas and future sporting facilities making it the perfect place to gather with neighbours and enjoy the best of masterplanned living. . 

Exford Waters is a masterplanned community with a number of land options, including small lots of land for sale. Contact our Estate Manager Sarah on 0499 123 119 to find the right block for you and your family today! 

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