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5 tips to help streamline your move into your new home at Exford Waters!

Is this your first time moving out of home, or do you consider yourself a master of moving houses? No matter your level of expertise, there are many things you need to prepare before the big moving day.

Here are 5 tips to help you streamline your move to Exford Waters, and make the process less stressful, and more enjoyable

1.Plan your move

There is no denying that moving houses is a time-consuming task. Planning your move is the best and first task you should do before you get your new keys. Start with identifying what you need to do and when you need to do certain tasks, starting with today’s date. These tasks will guide you to know how much time you have to start and finish packing, when to order the moving truck, if you should consider hosting a garage sale, when to organise change of address, and any other factors which will help you be organised to settle into your new home sooner.

2. Hiring removalists

Do you need to book a truck or hire removalists to help with the bulky and heavy items? Make sure you are aware of any notice timeframes of booking your moving service, some businesses need 2-3 days notice. Don’t be afraid to get multiple quotes if you’re moving on a budget, maybe even look into the cost of moving on a weekday which is traditionally quieter for domestic moves.

3.Decluttering 101

Simplify your move and sort through your belongings. Fewer items to move will speed up your move, and let you start fresh in your new home. Get started with decluttering items you no longer wear, use or need. Alternatively, you can follow the Marie Kondo method and clear out any items that don’t spark joy. All unwanted items including furniture, are always great items to sell in a garage sale, list on Facebook marketplace, Gumtree or donate to your local opportunity shop.

4.Use what you have

When moving, you don’t have to put everything in boxes. Some great moving tips are to use what you have, such as suitcases, overnight bags, and washing baskets! Feel free to get creative with your packing process to help simplify your move and make it more exciting.

5.Moving inventory

As you pack and move, make an inventory list of what is in each box, bag or washing basket houses. Make sure to note down what room each box will be going in so your removalists, or family and friends know what room your items need to go in. Having a list of items and boxes is handy to have during your move in case any items go missing, you’ll know where to find them. This helps make the unpacking process a breeze as you unpack your new home room by room.

Want to streamline your house hunting process?

Whether you’re looking to buy your first home, to upgrade or to invest, Exford Waters has a wide variety of House and Land Packages to suit all budgets and lifestyles.

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