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The benefits of buying titled land

Building your first home is an exciting journey, and depending on what stage your land is at, it can be a long one. It can take several months for your new land to title. If you’re looking to get into your new build faster, purchasing titled land might be the perfect option for you.  

What does titled land mean? 

 In its simplest form, titled land signifies a plot that comes with a clear, legal ownership title. This distinction is crucial because it indicates that the land has been officially recognised with a Certificate of Title,  and recorded in the land registry of Victoria. The land title documents your property’s boundaries and also authorises the owner’s exclusive rights to inhabit, use and transfer the property. 

On the other hand, untitled land means the lot is still registered with the council. This usually means that it still needs to be connected to amenities such as footpaths, roads, water, gas and power. 

Below we look at some of the benefits of buying titled land. 

Start building sooner

This is usually the biggest advantage of purchasing titled land. As soon as your land has been settled, your builder is able to access your lot and the building process can start. From a financial perspective, this can give you financial confidence of knowing what your new home build cost will be, and when it will be completed.

Avoid potential delays

When buying untitled land, there is always a risk of potential delays in the development process. This could be due to issues with obtaining necessary permits or unexpected obstacles during construction. By purchasing titled land, you can avoid these potential delays and move forward with your building plans without any uncertainty.

Create your perfect home

One of the standout advantages of constructing a new home versus purchasing an established one is the freedom to tailor your space to your family’s unique needs. Exford Waters offers some of the best house and land in Melton, with options from Victoria’s best builders to create your dream home. With titled land, you have the assurance that your chosen builder can begin construction immediately and bring your vision to life without any delays.

Exford Waters has a range of titled land for sale NOW. Contact our friendly Estate Manager Sarah or click here to find your titled lot today. 

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