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Discovering the heritage of Exford Waters

Nestled on the picturesque banks of the Werribee River, Exford Waters is not only a testament to modern, masterplanned living, but the community is also a guardian of Victorian heritage. With it’s natural surroundings, and premium residential offerings, Exford Waters is steeped in a rich history that harks back to the early days of Victoria’s settlement. Here, we recount the enduring legacy of Exford Waters and how its past continues to shape its present.

Exford Homestead: The heart of Exford Waters

The land which Exford Waters now occupies has a fascinating narrative, deeply entwined with Victoria’s settler history. Originally part of a sprawling pastoral run, the heart of this story is the Exford Homestead. Constructed in 1843 by Simon Staughton and his wife Mary, English emigrants who had arrived just two years prior, it’s one of the oldest surviving residences in the state, overlooking the confluence of the Werribee River and Toolern Creek.

The homestead, along with two bluestone outbuildings, remains an iconic feature of the community, heritage-listed as a symbol of the site’s long-standing connection to its roots.

Simon Staughton named the property Exford after the river that snaked through the land (now known as the Werribee River) and, by the mid-1850s, had solidified his family’s presence both on the land and within the emerging town centre of Melton. The property was known for its significant role in the regional pastoral industry and later sheep farming.

What had started as an English family’s hope for a new beginning became four properties bequeathed to Staughton’s sons after his passing in 1863, with the youngest son, Harry Werribee Staughton, inheriting Exford itself. However, the homestead’s tale did not end there; it continued its evolution through various owners, each adding a new chapter to its storied existence.

Bill’s legacy

Bill Green, who purchased the Exford Waters estate and parcel in 2004, has played a crucial role in ensuring that the site’s historical treasures and their narratives thrive alongside the development of a vibrant master-planned community. With a respect deep-rooted in the heritage of the area, Green’s vision was to complement the existing landmarks, like the Exford Weir, with tasteful development, carefully preserving a slice of history.

Today, residents can enjoy the rustic charm of the shearers’ stations and the majestic backdrop of the river, connecting them directly with the past. Restoration efforts aimed at returning the homestead to its former glory further tie the current transformation of Exford Waters with its historic soul.

A new chapter

With a variety of land options for sale, Exford Waters doesn’t just offer a place to live; it offers a unique connection to the past. Future developments and community planning at Exford Waters consciously incorporate the historical significance of the site, ensuring residents are not only buying into the tranquil lifestyle but are also becoming custodians of a rich heritage.

As the community of Exford Waters grows, so too does the appreciation for its historical landscape. The landscapes that were once the backdrop for pioneering farming are now the scenic views from modern homes. Exford Waters is more than a housing estate; it is a marriage of history and progress.

From its beginnings as a hopeful settler’s farm, to the shearing tales of the 1950s, and into the present as a thriving community—Exford Waters nurtures its past while it welcomes its future.

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Discovering the heritage of Exford Waters

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