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5 ways to avoid first home buyer burn-out

There are about a thousand steps and a million decisions to make from the time you think about buying your first home to moving in that last piece of furniture. Doing it all for the first time can add extra stress. But being prepared always helps! Here are 5 ways to help you avoid first home buyer burn-out.

1. Give yourself time

Finding the right home for you and your future doesn’t happen overnight. So be prepared to give yourself more time than you think to secure your new home. Try to refocus your perspective: taking your time means you’re less likely to regret your choices later, and be able to make the right choices you can afford.

2. Give yourself time off

There are so many things on your to-do list when it comes to buying a home that it can take up all your free time and feel like a grind. Avoid becoming overwhelmed by booking time off into your schedule. Say, every fourth weekend you simply don’t go house-hunting. Or one day a week you ban all talk of houses, mortgages and. If you’re in full-on savings mode, remember to treat yourself every so often or when you reach a predetermined milestone in your account (a chai latte from your favourite café once a month isn’t going to hurt). Schedule these in advance so your spending doesn’t get out of control.

3. Talk to someone

If you’re buying a home with someone else, make sure you’re checking in with one another regularly. How are you each feeling overall? Do you still feel you’re on the right track? Is there anything else in your life that needs some attention? Talking to professionals always helps too. You’re able to break down the information overload,  learn more about the property market and discuss options of how you’ll best be able to achieve your home-owning goals. Our Estate Managers, Brandon and Will, are experienced and ready to help you on your journey, especially if this is your first time buying a home. You can contact us here.

4. Focus on the fun stuff

If you find yourself particularly stressed out or feeling ground down, shift the conversation temporarily. Make a note of all the positive things you’ll gain by buying or building a home. Spend some time pinning interior styling ideas you love. Check out all the fun things to do in the suburb that you’re looking to call home. Make tentative plans for how you’ll toast the occasion once you get those coveted keys in your hand. 

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5. Make lists and celebrate your wins

Having a hundred thoughts buzzing around your head actually takes up a lot of energy. Write everything you need to do down and put tasks in order. Pop a pen and paper by your bedside (or use a notes app on your phone) for those intrusive late-night thoughts. You’ll feel calmer once your brain doesn’t have to remember everything all the time. And whenever you cross something off the list – no matter how minor – acknowledge that and celebrate in proportionate ways. It can be as simple as getting a hug or a high five, telling yourself “you’ve won today”, giving yourself the next day off from working on your lists, or opening a bottle of (inexpensive) bubbles.

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