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Benefits of a corner lot

When searching for the ideal spot to build your dream home, you may have come across corner lots. 

Situated on the edge of two joining streets, corner blocks are distinguished by their unique characteristics including added privacy and more space. 

But are corner blocks good? Yes! 

In this blog post, we’ll explore the significant benefits of corner lots and why they’re worthwhile. 

1. Enhanced kerbside appeal

One of the reasons why corner blocks are popular among homeowners is their exceptional kerb appeal. They have better visibility from the street and give you more options for the placement of your home. 

You can use the unique nature of a corner lot to create a beautiful and memorable home, standing out from the rest of the neighbourhood.

2. Better natural lighting and ventilation

A corner block’s design offers an abundance of natural light and ventilation, unhindered by close neighbouring houses. With two street-facing sides, they grant unobstructed views, allowing you to bask in the sunlight and live a more comfortable lifestyle.

3. Increased resale value

Are corner blocks worth more? While they generally come with a higher price tag, long-term they’re definitely more worthwhile! Because of their unique features, corner lots can be more desirable than other lots, helping drive up the price and generate a good return on investment. 

4. Extra privacy 

Corner blocks offer increased privacy, as they are generally more secluded than regular lots. 

Can you build a fence on your corner lot? Yes! In fact, with a fence and less proximity to your neighbours, you can enjoy a peaceful environment with less noise and fewer distractions. This is particularly beneficial if you’re looking for a tranquil place to relax after a long day.

5. More outdoor space

Another benefit of a corner lot is the extra outdoor space. At the intersection of two streets, corner lots offer additional space for a generous garden, outdoor patio, pool, or other amenities. 

This extra space allows for more creativity in landscaping and outdoor activities you may not get with a regular lot.

So is a corner lot good or bad? Investing in a corner lot is definitely a wise decision. Not only do they offer more space, better natural lighting and enhanced kerbside appeal, but corner lots can have a higher potential resale value. 

Looking for land for sale in Melton? Consider Exford Waters.

Located only 8 minutes drive from Australia’s fastest-growing area, Melton, Exford Waters has a range of corner lots available for sale. Ranging in size from 361m2 – 400m2 and situated nearby a future reserve and parkland, our corner blocks are perfect for all buyers. 

To discover more, contact us at 1800 777 800 or visit our Sales Office at 5 Riversdale Boulevard, Weir Views, open Saturday – Wednesday, 11am – 5pm.

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