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Household extras, Are they worth it? Find out the best extras to add to your new house build

Household extras, Are they worth it? Find out the best extras to add to your new house build

Did you know that adding extra features into your new home build at the beginning tends to be more cost-effective than adding them later? What you choose to add really comes down to the things you and your family value the most in life. Let’s take a look at the best optional extras to include when designing your new home at Exford Waters.

Energy Efficient

The extras that save you money are the obvious elements to consider first. Home expenses will mainly be impacted by how much energy your home consumes or wastes and, while efficient add-ons may not provide up-front savings, they can reduce your bills dramatically for the life of your home. As a bonus, you can feel good about helping to save the Earth too! Green homes are increasing in demand with new generation home-buyers; so eco-upgrades may be the smartest choice to make now for resale time in years to come. Consider adding:

  • solar panels and batteries
  • double-glazed windows
  • the most energy-efficient appliances you can afford
  • ceiling fans or even an evaporative cooling system instead of air conditioning
  • extra insulation
  • a rain-water tank

Health Matters

While your home may be your greatest lifetime purchase, your health is your most precious possession. Why not devote some budget to designing and building a healthier place to live? First up, choose a block of land you love that is closest to parks and walking tracks to encourage regular activity. Have access to multiple parks and walking tracks at Exford Waters, discover your block of land today! Sunlight is a great–mood booster; think about including bigger feature windows or strategically placed skylights to capture plenty of natural light for your daily dose of Vitamin D. Depending on the climate of where you live and your family’s particular health concerns, you may like to install dehumidifiers or alternatively humidifiers in your home to help with long-term respiratory issues and allergies. Upgrade to natural paints to help remove harsh chemicals, particularly if you live with young children, chemical sensitivities or possible pregnancies. Don’t forget to opt for mould-resistant, waterproof paints in the bathroom.

Time Savers

Time is money. And your house could be upgraded to save you time. Reduce the time you spend cleaning, with a ducted vacuum system built right into the floor or premium paints that are designed to easily wipe-off. Nearly every appliance as well as your heating and cooling can be made “smart” these days. This means you can control them from your phone or other connected device to get a jump on tasks before you’ve even left work or returned home from an outing. When it comes to time-saving home additions, think about your daily lifestyle pain points and then solutions to never have to deal with them again. For example, dual sinks in the bathroom means you can both get ready for work at the same time.

Resale Heroes

Pools and fancy extras like wine cellars or water features can actually be a turn off for buyers and investors come resale time. So unless there’s a special room or feature you really, truly want for yourself, stick to extras with a universal appeal when building. Fully-fledged gardens take a lot of time to grow in and it’s an easy task to put off once you’ve moved in. Consider adding in extra landscaping to your contract or else you may find yourself living with boring plain lawn for years. If you can’t afford an entirely designer kitchen just yet, stone bench-tops add an aesthetic appeal and practical usability far more than laminate. Higher-than-standard ceilings give an instant sense of space and light while plenty of accessible storage and cabinets (go all the way up to the ceiling if you can) will likely be attractive to the people who will love your home after you.

You can check out all land for sale and house and land packages at Exford Waters, as well as contact our sales team for information on how to join our growing community.

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