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Inclusions and optional extras; what does it all mean?

Purchasing a house and land package is one of the simplest ways to build a new home. Lots of the prep and guesswork will have already been done for you by us and your chosen builder before you even find the right package. Your home will be ready to live in as soon as hand-over day comes. However, you may find a few things missing that you’ll want to add to the place soon or eventually. Here’s how to avoid surprises while keeping an eye on your budget.

What are inclusions?

Inclusions are items that are included as standard in the base price of your house and land package with no more to pay. Always double-check that what you think is included in the price, compared to what will actually be included. It’s handy to keep all advertising and marketing collateral, online offers and to record or note down any discussions you have with agents and builders about what you’ll get in your home. This could help you compare which builder is best suited for you and your budget. Full landscaping to the backyard, fences, cooling systems and curtains are often not included in the basic house and land packages. Though some packages may now include some of these items as standard to help differentiate themselves from their competitors. 

Optional Extras

These are things for which you typically have to pay extra. It could be better materials, more luxurious appliances, higher ceilings or an extra coat of paint. It could even be major aspects like adding an alfresco area or making it so your garage fits two cars rather than one. Some builders may offer bonus packages that will upgrade quite a few things in your home for a better overall price than if you renovated later or tried to install them yourself. Remember you generally have to pay for any changes to the floorplan of your home. Walk around the place where you currently live and look at all fixtures and fittings inside and out. If you don’t see an item mentioned, it’s best to assume they aren’t included in the price until you can confirm with your builder. If there’s something your home simply must have, ask about it early. It may not be possible to add later due to the design or the builder’s capabilities.

It always pays to get in writing and ask (and ask again):

  • What other costs should I take into account?
  • What is not included?
  • Is this the total price?
  • Are any of the costs not fixed or subject to other factors? 

Finally, definitely always read your contract in full and – when in doubt – call in an expert property lawyer or conveyancer to help out. 

Take a look at the house and land packages available at Exford Waters, and if there is something you like, contact our sales managers today.

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