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Transform your backyard with these landscaping tips

A big backyard brims with possibility when it comes to creating a spacious, safe haven at home. At some point yet more lawn becomes a waste, so let’s think about transforming your yard into an oasis unique to your family.  

From adding a swimming pool at home to incorporating fire pits into your space, these backyard landscaping ideas will help you create the perfect outdoor sanctuary.

You might even find some inspiration at local nurseries in Melton, just minutes away from Exford Waters.  See the selection of plants, flowers, trees and more at Melton Botanic Gardens Nursery.

For a limited time until 31st October 2023, seize the opportunity to benefit from our generous $15k settlement rebate. Imagine the possibilities of using that money to create your ultimate dream backyard. No matter how big or small the project may be, get started today!

Add a water feature

Did you know that living by the water is proven to be good for your family’s health? You can easily bring extra H20 by adding a swimming pool at home, making Melbourne’s hot, dry summers a splash. 

A swimming pool for your backyard doesn’t necessarily have to take up too much space. A lap pool or a dipping pool works just as well. You can make further enquiries with local business Poolside Melton

Water can also help create a meditative mood in your garden, with a sculptural water feature, an ornamental pond that could become home to the kids’ pet turtle, shimmering koi fish or simply some serene water plants. Melton Botanic Gardens Nursery has a wide selection of water plants that can bring your garden to life.

Beyond the BBQ

Retro ‘conversation pits’ are making a stylish comeback within the home. This striking architectural element features sunken seating, creating a dedicated area for cosy chats. Embrace this interior concept in your outdoor area, and you could easily incorporate a fire pit as a central focal point. 

Additionally, backyard fire pit ideas are currently on-trend. For a DIY backyard project, you can take a simple approach by building one yourself using stones from a local landscaping supplier. Alternatively, you can choose a pre-made fire pit with a gas burner from your local Bunnings in Melton, located 13-minutes drive away from Exford Waters. 

Place setting

Gone are the days when merely arranging outdoor furniture sufficed for the ultimate outdoor living experience.

These backyard tips could work depending on whether your daily needs or occasional desires take precedence. You might consider installing an outdoor tiki bar to enjoy drinks with friends, or a tranquil nook for meditation and yoga. You could even opt for a secluded reading spot, tucked away in the shade, offering a subtle escape from the house.

Go big and go home

The cardboard cubby house, adorned with a handful of timber off-cuts, can blossom into something extraordinary. Visit your local hardware store, and transform a standard cubby house and playhouse escape for younger kids into a retreat for teenagers and beyond. It can also grow into a creative studio or a side-hustle space. With a little know-how, electrical wiring and insulation added at a later date, a larger cubby house could eventually be converted into a mini-bungalow as a haven for any guests staying over.

Our premium land for sale in Melton sees longer-than-average blocks of land up for grabs in Melton South. Make your dreams of a bigger backyard come true at Exford Waters. 

Don’t forget to take advantage of our $15,000 rebate on settlement to spend on a brilliant backyard that grows with your family.

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