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Schools in Melton

Choosing where to buy your new home comes down to a number of considerations. For many families, what schools are in the area is often one of the major considerations for choosing one suburb over another. Luckily, Exford Waters has a number of quality education options, all located within an eight-minute drive, or within easy walking distance from your new home.

Read on to see our recommendations for top-quality Primary and Secondary Schools in Melton that are conveniently located near the bustling community of Exford Waters. 

St Lawrence of Brindisi 

St. Lawrence of Brindisi is a catholic primary school that fosters an empowering culture centred on the values of respect and compassion. The school provides a nurturing environment where students are encouraged to grow academically, morally, and spiritually. Situated just a 2-minute drive from the Exford Waters estate, St. Lawrence of Brindisi is a great nearby option for families looking for a rich faith-based education for their child. 

Exford Primary School 

Exford Primary School offers quality education for students from Prep- Grade 6, located just four minutes from the Exford Waters estate. 

The school offers a safe and stimulating environment for children to learn, grow, and thrive amongst beautiful gardens. With strong values underpinning all curriculum, it’s a safe and welcoming environment for your child to begin their educational journey.

Straughton College

Straughton College is a well-respected and high-performing high school in the area, ranked at #225 for best Public Schools in Victoria. Just a 5 minute drive from Exford Waters, the college prides itself on its excellent teachers, diverse programs such as Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) student programs, English as an Additional Language courses, 8-bit Literacy and Numeracy Support for Middle Years students, and a Preparation for Exam Success Intervention (PESI) program. 

Straughton College offers carefully crafted curriculum for early years (7-8), middle years (9-10), and VCE programs for senior years. An engaging and comprehensive approach aims to prepare students for a bright future ahead.

St. Anthony’s Primary School

A great Catholic education option with an easy 4-minute commute along Exford Road. This school’s community is known for its strong sense of family and welcoming environment.  Their learning programs are founded on the principles of creative and critical thinking, fostering ethical, personal, and social capabilities that empower your child to excel and flourish.

Melton Christian College (MCC)

Another great Melton school option for parents who prioritise Christian education, MCC accepts students from Prep up to Year 12. Just a short 8-minute drive away, this school has a welcoming and supportive community that will nurture your child’s spiritual, social, and academic growth. 

MCC is a prestigious private school, which ranks  #168 among the best private educational institutions in Victoria. With unwavering commitment to its core faith-centred values, MCC offers an exceptional educational environment that fosters support and growth, just a stone’s throw away from Exford Waters!

Melton South Primary

If you’re looking for a government educational option, Melton South Primary school is just 5 minutes from Exford Waters. The school is known for its friendly staff, nurturing learning environment, and engaging culture that focuses on enhancing student wellbeing. Melton South Primary utilises high-impact teaching strategies such as structured lessons, goal setting and collaborative learning to maximise your child’s education. 

Exford Waters’ close proximity to a range of excellent schools, all within an 8 minute drive, makes it an ideal and compelling option for families seeking the best educational opportunities.

If you’re looking for a family-oriented community where you and your loved ones can flourish, Exford Waters is undoubtedly a fantastic choice for you.

With its range of land and house and land packages on offer catering to families of all sizes, Exford Waters has realised the dream of a warm and welcoming community perfect for raising a family.

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