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5 reasons why you should consider a townhome

Purchasing any home is a significant milestone, one that shouldn’t be taken lightly. The added financial pressure, maintenance costs, and various responsibilities can make the whole process very daunting. Yet, seemingly by default, a lot of people leave townhomes out of the equation when it comes to considering which property they should purchase. 


With the property market currently experiencing a well-documented surge, purchasing a townhome is not only a great way to reduce financial pressure but also an opportunity to secure an affordable, low-maintenance home with all the facilities you need to live comfortably. 

Here are our top 5 reasons why you should consider purchasing a townhome at Exford Waters: 



The epitome of making the most of your space, townhomes like the Sienna Townhomes at Exford Waters are architecturally optimised to experience ideal ventilation and natural light. Many townhomes are created with a split-level design that provide a greater sense of space and versatility by separating the main living area from the bedrooms and bathrooms from your main living area. This means that you don’t have to worry about having the TV too loud too late at night or the fear that you might wake other members of your household. 



Perhaps the greatest drawcard of all, townhomes offer a much more affordable and achievable alternative when it comes to value for money. With houses consistently selling over reserve in most major cities, many would-be home buyers are deterred by the fact that detached homes in the areas they’d like to live are simply too expensive. 

Offering the same number of bedrooms, bathrooms and car spaces as a regular home, townhomes generally retail for a fraction of the price of a detached home. This results in many townhome purchasers being able to live in a more convenient location, areas that they would be unable to afford if they were purchasing a house. With this affordability as well as First Home Owner grants, townhomes also make the perfect opportunity for first home buyers to get their foot in the property door!



No one wants to spend their spare time constantly maintaining their home. Therefore it comes as no surprise that the lack of maintenance and pressure is a big bonus when it comes to townhome living. Enjoy your comfortable three-bedroom home with a spacious outdoor area, all without the burden of tending to a large yard. Best of all, most townhomes come with a generous, outdoor courtyard, meaning you can still offer outdoor entertainment or provide a safe, secure little space for your kids to play in.



It’s not just first home buyers who can benefit from the perks of townhome living. For single-income families, families whose children no longer live at home or for singles, downsizing is often a wise choice. Townhomes are the perfect alternative for those looking for something with enough space to live and entertain but a little less maintenance. It also suits older generations who are in retirement and frequently traveling and those spending little time at home.  



For those with one eye on an investment perspective, rest assured, townhomes are a great choice. With many young families now looking to townhomes in order to live in traditional and well-established suburbs as well as many older Australians and single-parent families looking to downsize and capitalise on their existing home, there’s never been a better time to rent or sell townhomes. If you’re after more perspective on your investment, please contact one of our friendly Sales Agents. 


Whether you’re looking for your forever home or for a smart investment property, our Estate Manager Brandon is here to help and eager to find your perfect fit here at Exford Waters. Talk to him today.

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