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What to look for when buying a block of land

Everyone knows that when buying a diamond you look for cut, colour and carat. But what about when it comes to finding that perfect gem for a place to call home?

There’s so much more to think about when it comes to buying land than the old cliché “location, location, location”.

Here’s your beginner’s guide of features to look for when choosing a block of land at Exford Waters.


The number one factor when buying a block of land to build a home on is still location. Established, in-demand suburbs are often price-inhibitive, especially for first home buyers or investors. So when looking for a great location don’t forget to include future, as well as existing amenity, in your search. At Exford Waters, you will have easy access to nearby schools, public transport, employment opportunities, access to major roads, shops, health centres and other essential services. All of your family’s needs will be in arms reach. View Exford Waters’ amenity map to discover your new neighbourhood.


Size is the next biggest factor in buying land. Larger land tends to be more expensive. In general, land is more valuable to you than your house will be. Plus, you can always upgrade your house later so spend as much on land as your budget comfortably allows. A larger piece of land allows you more options: a sprawling garden, space to extend, a bigger home build. Do keep your own individual lifestyle in mind, however. If you hate mowing the lawns for example, a smaller block of land to build a townhouse on could actually suit you better. Our sales team are ready to help you find the perfect sized land for your lifestyle at Exford Waters.


The gradient of your land greatly impacts how much it will cost to dig or create foundations that are suitable on which to build. Consult an expert builder before signing a contract on your site to find out how much extra this could be for your custom build, particularly if you’re on quite a hill. If you can’t afford the extra cost, you can always opt for a house and land package as this cost will already be factored into the price.


Do check for natural disaster risks in the area. Things like cyclones aren’t really a concern in Victoria and most suburbs tend to be safe from bushfires. Yet floods can still occur in unexpected places. To ensure your block is free of any potential natural disasters at Exford Waters, contact our sales team, or view our due diligence.

Aspect & Orientation

While the terms are often used interchangeably, “aspect” is what the major view will be from your home and “orientation” is about the direction your home faces. Land that allows the construction of north-facing or north-east facing homes is generally viewed more favourably in the southern hemisphere; as such homes capture natural sunlight in winter, making your home more comfortable and much cheaper to heat or cool. However, a non-north-facing block is certainly not a deal-breaker. Good home design can often mitigate natural light and heating factors.


Check your plans and contracts with the local council for any restrictions on your land. Look for things like easements that can’t be permanently built over, how far your building must be set back from boundaries, if there are trees that can’t be removed, height limits and any design and style parameters. At Exford Waters, we have done the hard work for you and have put together a free design guidelines booklet to help you to prepare plans and design your new home. The guidelines are part of a covenant applying to all allotments in the estate to help ensure a commitment to quality and high standards.

To view all the land for sale visit our website or get in contact with our sales team today. You can even chat live with our sales team when viewing our website!

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