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Why a master-planned community is better than inner-city living

There is a lot to love about living in the inner city. The streets are lined with interesting architecture, fine dining restaurants and a bustling atmosphere. Yet there’s also noise, honking traffic and graffiti – but not always the cool Hosier Lane kind. Master-planned communities are refreshingly different.

Here’s why Exford Waters has the lifestyle edge you have been searching for.

– Essential amenities like education, transport and shops in master-planned communities are thoughtfully tailored to the locals’ current and future need and wants. No fighting through crowds of tourists and day-trippers to do your weekly shop.

– An abundance of public space to breathe. You just don’t get walking, running and cycling tracks right outside your front door in the city. Open green spaces reserved for parks and waterways are a priority for modern planned neighbourhoods. Exford Waters, for example, makes a hero feature along the Werribee River and Trail; natural environments that lead to healthier, happier residents both mentally and physically.

– Speaking of space, it’s hard to argue that a stand-alone house doesn’t beat a cramped apartment in the city. Get the best of both extra room and privacy in your home, and better yet, master-planned communities are the best place to build your dream home. Discover all available house and land packages at Exford Waters today; you can even take a 360 home tour online.

– Because master-planned communities are new, you can get in on the ground floor in terms of becoming an important part of the community and fostering a neighbourhood of which to be proud. Design-wise, places that have been planned specifically for shared recreation spaces and community centres at their core. Whereas city living can sometimes feel a bit anonymous.

– Cities are already packed and often won’t see major improvements made in the near future. However, emerging communities are typically positioned in destinations that are undergoing extensive government and private development and infrastructure improvements. This makes them ripe for property investment opportunities as residences may be more likely to increase in capital value than they would in an existing inner suburb or city. Rent may also be likely to rise exponentially over the long term as vacancies decrease.

– Master-planned communities can often look better and brighter than cities. This is because they offer a cohesive vision from the developer and common design guidelines apply to all residential buildings from the get-go. You can see what the visual character of a place is going to be before it’s even finished.

– Being spoilt for choice is a big advantage that master-planned communities have over the inner city where you are limited to what already exists. At Exford Waters, for example, there are currently titled land now available as well as a variety of different house and land packages perfect to suit your lifestyle. Plus, you can completely avoid the hassle and heartbreak of trying your luck at auctions!

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