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Titles Updates
With work continuing onsite at a blistering pace, the titles at Exford Waters remain on track to title towards the end of this year. Click here to view our Title and Construction update page to see which phase your stage is up to.
Q&A with Cecilia
It's always great to put a face to a name so we've put together some questions and answers so you can get to know our Sales Agent Cecilia a bit better.
How to find the Right Home Builder
Chosen your block - tick! Now it's time to select the builder who will turn your dreams into reality.
Building your home on the right block
Before you pour your first foundation, you need to make sure you select the perfect block of land for your new home.
Community building - Ways to get involved!
Welcome to your new home and becoming part of our Exford Waters community! We are delighted to have you here, and look forward to getting to know you and your family.
Mortgage Options
Committing to a long-term mortgage is exciting and daunting at the same time. And with an endless list of financing options, it is often difficult to decide which one is right for you. Here's a few ideas to get you started.
Live Music at the Horse
Join your neighbours for free music under the Horse Clocktower!
So you want to buy a house, now what?
You've made the decision to buy a new house - congratulations! We welcome the opportunity to assist you in making this dream a reality, so here is a quick checklist to get your journey started on your way to home ownership.
You want to BUILD a new house?
Excellent news! A new home and a fresh start is always an exciting and exhilarating endeavour. And whether you are your own owner/builder or looking to build a house and land package, the options are many.
Pro and Cons of using a Mortgage Broker
Mortgages are tricky things to get right. Should I or shouldn't I use a broker? Here's a few tips.
Diwali Family Fun Day
Exford Waters is the exclusive Sponsor of the Fireworks which are a part of the Melton Diwali Family Fun Day being held at Hannah Watts Park on the 15th October, presented by the Australian Multicultural Association Inc.
Proud sponsors of the local Panthers..
Exford Waters are proud sponsors of the local Melton South Football and Netball club. The year kicked off with the coach 'Fevola' causing a buzz in the clubrooms.
Construction has commenced!!
Despite cool and wet conditions throughout the start of winter, construction at Exford Waters has started. We have had the farmland turned over exposing the red earth on Stages 1 & 2, bringing you closer to your Life on the Riverbank.